Acupuncture and mastectomy recovery study

January 10, 2017   |   Evidence in Integrative Healthcare

A single study may offer hope for better mastectomy recovery outcomes. This single study at Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, summarized their findings as: “Women who had acupuncture treatments after breast cancer surgery at Northwestern Hospital had a greater reduction in pain, nausea, and anxiety and were better able to cope on the first post-operative day compared with patients who had traditional care…” Acupuncture was delivered twice after surgery, 12 hours apart. Patients in the ‘no acupuncture’ group, were also seen twice, after surgery, 12 hours apart, with the same data collection. Patients receiving acupuncture reported significantly lower symptoms with respect to pain, nausea and anxiety. Providers may consider referral to or use of acupuncture following breast cancer surgeries as a means of care to decrease nausea, anxiety and pain.