Got pain? Try Vitamin D supplementation

December 29, 2015   |   Evidence in Integrative Healthcare

Providers may help patients with chronic pain by evaluating Vitamin D3 levels. This study shows a 2,418 person sample size, in the US population of healthcare facilities, are Vitamin D3 deficient. The study size demonstrated reduced pain and increased ADLs when Vitamin D3 was administered. Many studies corroborate, also showing NW USA states, have lower Vitamin D3 levels when compared to the general US population. Although studies differ with respect to outcome potential for pain syndromes; there is enough evidence to support a Vitamin D3 trial with this patient population. This treatment protocol holds promise, when comparing drug intervention side effects, for the same conditions. Vitamin D3 is relatively inexpensive, non-habit forming and produces other beneficial health outcomes such as reducing depression, SADS (seasonal affective disorder syndrome), decreasing blood pressure and cancer risk.