Medical Doctors and Chiropractors Top Choices for Neck and Back Pain

January 15, 2019   |   Evidence in Integrative Healthcare

According to a recent Gallup-Palmer College poll, patients with neck and back pain in the US who saw healthcare professionals in the last 12 months were most likely to seek care from a medical doctor or a chiropractor.  Approximately one-third saw a massage therapist or physical therapist.  Acupuncturists were also on this list of top choices for spine care.

Did you see any of the following healthcare professionals for your neck or back pain in the last 12 months? (asked of those who saw a healthcare professional for neck or back pain in the past 12 months)


Provider Type Yes
Medical Doctor 62%
Chiropractor 53%
Massage Therapist 34%
Physical Therapist 34%
Physician’s Assistant 26%
Nurse Practitioner 22%
Surgeon who can operate on spine 22%
Doctor of osteopathic medicine 15%
Acupuncturist 9%


Sample sizes: 988-1,157
Gallup-Palmer College, March 12-April 10, 2018

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