Treating individuals with amputations in therapeutic massage and bodywork practice: A qualitative study.

July 24, 2017   |   Evidence in Integrative Healthcare

Best practices for massage therapy and bodywork (TMB) treatment of individuals with amputations are not well established. Although anecdotal observations are available, they have limited applicability for informing effective massage therapy and bodywork approaches for individuals with amputations. This study is part of a multifaceted research program seeking to establish a foundation for education and investigation of TMB for amputation related conditions/symptomology. The purpose of this study was to understand how TMB practitioners approach and treat individuals with amputations and their perceptions of outcomes. The TMB practitioner perspective is important in informing the development of a TMB practice framework for people with amputation. Findings support that individuals with amputation benefit from TMB, at least from the perspective of TMB practitioners. Findings of this exploratory research identify important questions regarding approaches to treatment and potential TMB effectiveness hypotheses for amputation populations. Next steps will consider TMB approach and effects from the perspective of those with amputation(s). Read more at