Wellness Resources for Providers & Patients

April 6, 2020   |   Evidence in Integrative Healthcare

We know that everyone is dealing with the challenges of social distancing during COVID-19 and that many are likely altering health and wellness routines. To assist providers and patients, we have compiled a list of resources for online workouts, educational supplements for children, stress management, and healthy eating. Please feel free to share these with patients, friends, and family. Please note that The CHP Group is providing these resources to assist with wellness during these challenging times. These are not intended to be nor should they be construed or used as medical advice.

If you have more resources to share, send them to us at info@chpgroup.com and we’ll include them in a future blog post.

Exercise and Movement

As always, check with your healthcare provider (by phone or video chat) before beginning a new exercise program.

 Stress Management

  • Headspace – This app (available for both Apple and Android phones) has new series called “Weathering the Storm” including mediation, sleep, and movement exercises centered on the stresses of lockdown. The site is also offering free premium (Headspace Plus) to anyone with a registered NPI. More info at https://www.headspace.com/health-covid-19
  • Calm – This app (available for both Apple and Android phones) offers free meditation resources, videos, music, and audio series released focused on relieving stress on their blog at https://blog.calm.com/take-a-deep-breath
  • Simple Habit – This app (available for both Apple and Android phones) has free meditation series focused on mindfulness, communication, and easing fear and anxiety on their blog at https://simplehabit.com/ease-your-coronavirus-anxiety

Eating Well

Many websites are offering access to their library of recipes as well as live streaming cooking demonstrations and more:

For the Kids

Experts note that setting up and keeping a regular routine for children including structured activities can help with the stress from social distancing and school disruptions.