Going Green – Electronic Remittance Advices & Payments Available

November 6, 2019   |   Provider News

Electronic interchange of information supports the healthcare industry’s evolution towards administrative simplification by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall system with the added benefit of reduced environmental impact! If your office is not yet signed up for CHP’s electronic services, here is a brief explanation of our offerings:

Electronic Funds Transfer (aka Direct Deposit)
With this option your office no longer receives paper checks – payments are automatically deposited to the bank account you designate, saving you a trip to the bank!
CHP is required by law to ensure secure electronic transmission. Your authorization under this functionality only allows CHP to deposit money to your account, not withdraw.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
These electronic transactions contain the same information as on your paper remittances. You will be notified of the receipt of your ERA by an e-mail from Office Ally.
The ERA helps increase the efficiency of your payment and adjusting process and you receive them more quickly than postal mail.

To sign up for either of these electronic options, fill out the Electronic Funds Transfer form and/or the Remittance Advice Enrollment forms and return them according to the directions on each form.

Electronic Eligibility and Claim Status
Save yourself a telephone call and valuable staff time by submitting a request to your billing clearinghouse for CHP claim status or CHP member eligibility. CHP will then send an electronic response to your billing clearinghouse within the time-frames noted below:

  • One inquiry (real-time request) – Electronic response in 20 seconds or less.
    More than one inquiry (batch request) – Electronic response by the next business day, but no more than 10 hours.