About The CHP Group

The partner of choice and authority for integrative healthcare solutions.

Founded in 1989, The CHP Group leads the market in creating customized integrative healthcare solutions for health plans and employers.

At CHP, we have over 30 years of experience in managing integrative healthcare benefits. Our experience as part of the evolution toward patient-centered care means that partnering with CHP will leverage your investment in integrative healthcare to increase member satisfaction, create cost containment strategies, and reduce your administrative burden. Our smart solutions can deliver healthy results – for you and your members.

As we look toward the future of healthcare, CHP is excited to be part of the focus on value-based services and evidence-based treatment options. As the authority in and partner of choice for integrative healthcare, our focus is on quality, a commitment to outstanding customer service, building lasting partnerships, and maximizing the value of the integrative healthcare expenditures made by you and your members.

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Our Mission

We deliver accessible, high-quality integrative healthcare (IH) solutions that promote member health and satisfaction, optimize healthcare resources, educate providers, and advocate evidence-based care.

Our Values

Accountability – Taking responsibility for actions and outcomes.

Creativity – Approaching challenges and opportunities with an open mind.

Trust – Acting with integrity in all endeavors and interactions to encourage open communication and demonstrate worthiness.

Resilience – Responding with agility and persistence to ensure company sustainability.

Innovation – Creating and cultivating an open environment that stimulates new idea and perspectives to drive competitive advantage.

Teamwork – Nurturing each stakeholder relationship as a collaborative effort to propel the company forward.

Excellence – Maintaining a standard of high quality in all aspects of our business and relationships.

Our IH Solutions