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How can payers and employers easily save money and keep their members and employees happy?

We have your integrative healthcare answer.

Why CHP?

At CHP, we have 30 years of experience in managing integrative healthcare benefits. This experience means that partnering with CHP will leverage your investment in integrative healthcare to increase member satisfaction, create cost containment strategies, and reduce your administrative burden.

Our smart solutions can deliver healthy results – for you and your members.

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Our Solutions

As health insurance costs escalate, the inclusion of cost-effective integrative healthcare benefits is becoming a focus for members and their employers. Integrative healthcare is a natural complement to traditional coverage. It can assist healthier employees to stay that way while helping employees who may be experiencing chronic pain or suffering from other co-morbidities achieve significant positive outcomes on both care and cost.

When delivered by an experienced healthcare partner, a well-managed IH benefit can reduce administrative hassles for your workforce. Without the onerous burden of processing pre-authorizations or credentialing IH providers, you’re free to focus on the business that matters to you: providing the highest quality medical care to your members.

Appeal to Members

With about 59 million US residents using some form of integrative healthcare offering these benefits can be a market differentiator.

1 National Center for Health Statistics, “Expenditures on Complementary Health Approaches: United States, 2012”, June 22, 2016

Create Cost Containment

With episode-based cost of care up to 30% lower for IH low-back pain patients than patients who saw a PCP only, integrative healthcare benefits can offer many opportunities for cost containment.

2 National Center for Biotechnology Information, “Estimates and patterns of direct health care expenditures among individuals with back pain in the United States”, January 1, 2004

Ease Administrative Hassles

With our IH solution, the administrative work lies with CHP, not your workforce

Let us help you.

Concerned about care disruption, rising healthcare costs, and administration issues? We are too. That’s why we’ve created IH solutions that address some of the biggest issues payers face: member satisfaction, cost containment, and easy benefit administration.

Member Satisfaction
IH Experience and Expertise

With 30 years of experiencing in managing and administering integrative healthcare benefits, CHP is well-positioned to ensure members experience minimal disruption when payers implement our IH solutions.

Provider recruiting: We have been building local, high-quality integrative healthcare networks for 30 years. We have extensive experience in creating and effectively managing right-sized networks to ensure member access and satisfaction.

Patient satisfaction: We perform an annual Patient Satisfaction Survey to ensure that members are getting care that benefits them. Over the last 10 years, our overall patient satisfaction rate has averaged 97%.

Provider satisfaction and retention: Keeping members happy with their IH benefit requires a stable, mature network of providers. Our network management approach is simple: accept only the best providers and trust them to deliver the right care at the right time. Our outstanding provider satisfaction rate shows that providers are satisfied with this approach and our 98% provider retention rate is proof that our methodology works.

Rising Healthcare Costs
Cost Containment Using IH

Generally, integrative healthcare is a less expensive care option than conventional medical services. By controlling the number of referrals for specialty care, limiting expensive imaging studies, and reducing the need for opioid prescriptions, cost savings can be quickly realized in many areas.

Well-managed provider network: Our local provider network is closely managed to ensure it is of the appropriate size and composition to serve the member population. Our Clinical Services Department oversees reporting on provider care trends, as well as claims and chart note reviews to prevent over-utilization of services and cost excesses.

Medically ecessary care: At CHP, we ensure our provider network only delivers medically-necessary, evidence-based care. Providers are thoroughly screened during credentialing to ensure that they practice in agreement with our philosophy of care. This ensures member access while controlling costs through utilization management.

Custom benefit options: We have invested in a state-of-the-art enterprise system that allows us to create benefit designs that meet your specific utilization and cost containment needs. From co-pays to co-insurance, annual limits or visit caps, we work with you to deliver the best IH solution for your members or employees.

Managing Your IH Benefits
CHP’s Administrative Excellence

Our IH solutions cover the entire service spectrum from benefit design to network management to claims administration.

Network management: Our network management approach results in superior provider satisfaction scores and improved outcomes for patients. To ensure a high-quality provider network, our management services include credentialing, utilization management (UM), quality management (QM), continuing education, and industry-leading best practices.

Claims administration: CHP’s enterprise system has been configured specifically for integrative healthcare claims processing. We use the latest technological enhancements for process efficiencies including electronic claims submissions, ACH payments, and online delivery of reimbursement advice (RA) documents. EOB generation and delivery services are available.

Customer service: Our Customer Service and Provider Services Departments have friendly, helpful staff to answer incoming inquiries and have exceptionally low abandoned call rates. Our Account Management team ensures that client inquiries are handled promptly.

Reporting: Our enterprise system allows us to provide detailed reporting on a variety of data points including cross-accumulation and eligibility management. Client service reports are available quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.