Continuing Education Events

Interested in continuing education from CHP?

The CHP Group has been a leader in providing continuing education (CE) for integrative healthcare providers for nearly 30 years.

Our goal is to deliver timely, relevant, and clinically-appropriate educational content to help advance evidence-based integrative healthcare.

We encourage you to consider your schedule carefully and only register for events that you expect to attend.

We know that unexpected circumstances may arise that will prevent your attendance at an event you registered for. The following information outlines our attendance policy for continuing education events.

CHP Network Providers

CHP network providers have unlimited access to our continuing education options. No-show fees may apply to live, in-person events such as conferences. Network providers also have access to our library of on-demand continuing education content.

Providers Not on the CHP Network

Providers who are not part of our network are limited to registering for/attending two events per year and do not have access to our conferences.