Blood Pressure Measurement Advisory

November 6, 2019   |   Provider News

Diagnosis and treatment of hypertension depends on accurate and reproducible measurement of auscultatory blood pressure. The lowering of target blood pressure in patients with diabetes and kidney disease has made this even more imperative. And yet, blood pressure reading is one of the most inaccurately performed measurements in clinical medicine.

Failure to correctly take blood pressure can have serious implications. This measurement is an important indicator of cardiovascular health and can result in errors in treatment. When blood pressure is erroneously measured, patients may be placed on antihypertensive medications they do not need or appropriate treatment may not be initiated. Falsely elevated blood pressure readings can also create unneeded stress and anxiety for patients.

CHP has recently developed a Blood Pressure Measurement Advisory to assist providers with measurement techniques that ensure reliable information. Click the linked text to read the full advisory.