Clinical Quality Improvement Initiative (CQII): Massage Therapy Clinical Records

November 6, 2019   |   Provider News

The CHP Group is committed to improving the care delivered to patients by our network providers. One approach to achieving this goal is accomplished by integrating Clinical Quality Improvement Initiatives (CQII) throughout our organization and routinely gathering data to measure performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our most recent CQII was based on evidence that suggests there is a correlation between the quality of the clinical record and the quality of the care provided to patients. This initiative included massage therapists in CHP’s Clinical Record Quality Standards Program. Over the course of three years we collected clinical record samples from massage therapists, provided evidence-based education, and measured progress. We found significant improvement for the majority of providers who were enrolled in the program. Additionally, our providers found this program to be helpful in their practice.

This outcome demonstrates the benefit of a massage therapy specific clinical record quality improvement program and supports CHP’s commitment to the delivery of high-quality care to patients. Click here to read the full report.