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The CHP Active and Healthy Program for Regence Advantages


The CHP Active and Healthy Program is your source for significant discounts on healthy activities in your area! With thousands of participating businesses, this program gets you and your family up and moving while saving you money.


Through Regence Advantages  you are eligible for a significant discount off the retail price of The CHP Active and Healthy Program of $35.00 per year. For only $15.95 you can purchase this program using this easy and secure store.

Once you enroll, you will enjoy unlimited access to these discounts throughout the year so the savings can really add up! The more you use the program the more money you save. Whether you use the program once or just a few times throughout the year you can easily earn back the annual enrollment fee. Also, remember to tell other members about this program so they can benefit too! Click here for a printable version of these discount samples.

Discount locations: Some discounts – including travel, rental cars, spas certificates, and others – are available nationally. Local and regional discounts are available in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Alaska, California, Montana, and Nevada.

The CHP Active and Healthy program is online-only. You will receive an e-mail after purchase with instructions on accessing your discounts online.

Browse with a Free Demo Account

Want to browse the CHP Active and Healthy website and see which businesses are offering discounts before making your purchase? Click here to sign up for a free demo account that will be valid for two weeks.